“Tv is the main cause of violence in today’s society” 

I think that this statement is wrong,  principally because there are a lot of different things that cause violence on this society. Also there are educational programmes


Harold Shipman’s Case

Type of crime: Murder
Criminal: Harold Shipman
Detective in charge: John Grismour
Victims: 15 confirmed, 215-300 possibly
Motif: When he was young her mother died, and then he became obsessed with controlling life and death so he killed his patients
Dates of crimes: Between 1976-1998
Place: Abraham Ormerod Centre in Todmorden
Trial and Sentencing: He’s trial begun on 1999 he was charged with the woman that die between 1995-1998, he got life imprisionment plus for years for forgery.

Criminals Biography
Birth: 14 January 1946, In Nottingham England.
Family Information: He as married and had four kids
Occupation: Doctor
Turning Ponits in his life: He’s mother died when he was young. He’s first victim was a child, then he started killing for the pleasure.
Traces or signature they left at crime scenes: He started injecting to healthy women’s.
How they were Caught: A daughter of one of his victims suspected of him so he called the police. The police examinated the body of the victim and they found morphine that the doctor infected.
Conviction and Death: He committed suicide in prison.
Physical Description: A tall old men with blue eyes and a white bearb with glasses.
Psychological Description: He’s mad, and obsessed with controlling death and life because of that he is a doctor.

Detective’s Biography:

Birth and Place: 10th of July in Manchester, England
Traces they found at crime scenes: Many women were being cremated at a short period of time
How they caught the criminal: The daughter of a victim suspected of Harold Shipman because her mother’s last will was to leave a lot of money to him. So she called the police and they found diamorphine on the victim’s body.

Dialogue Creation

Setting: 1998, in Wakefield Prison, in an interrogation room
Characters: Harold Shipman and John Grismour
Plot: An interrogation about Shipman’s case.
Characterization: Matias Prieto as Harold Shipman, Maximiliano García as Detective John Grismour
Special effects: Changing scenes
Music: Candyman’s theme, Outlast menu theme


In a room of the police station, is sitting Harold Shipman. Then the dtective Grismour enters and sit infront of him.

J:Hello Doctor, I need to you answer some questions, I will record this conversation so talk loud and clear

H:Hello Detective and yes of course

J:For the record please tell us who you are

H:of course my name is Harold Shipman

J:And whats your job?

H:Im a doctor

J:Where do you work?

H:On the Abraham Ormerod Centre in Todmorden

J:Do you know ultimatly there have been a lot of cremations there?

H: Yes Im aware of that sr

J: Im going to show you some pictures, tell me if you recognize this bodys.

H: Yes sr

J:(He take some photos of a folder and show to harold)

H:(Looking at the photos) Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes… Unfortunally all of them died

J:Do you have anything to say about of their deaths?

H: No sr. I will never killed a human being!

J: I never said you kill them. Do you have some information for us?

H: No Sr. they were all old women, their deaths was because god wanted to

J: Did you know that in one of the body of your last patient we found Diamorphine?

H: I did inject morphine to my patients, but only for their pain

J: Lethal doses…

H: I think you are confused with another person, I haven’t killed anyone

J: Harold lets move on… can you talk to me about your mother?

H: she died when I was seventeen, there`s no much to say

J: How you feel when she died?

H: I was sad but I move on

J: I understand you where very close to her

H: Yes that’s true

J: And after that you started studying to be a doctor

H: Yes… Sr

J: Okay Harold, duo you know, do you know that you are accused of murder?

H: I do, but you can’t trust these people, all they say is non-sense

J: Did you know that your last patient left your Inheritance?

H: Well… Maybe she didn’t have any family

J: She had a daughter

H: Well, how am I supposed to know what people wants?

J: Harold I need you to understand that this situation is very weird

H: Well detective I don’t know, she wrote that, I can’t write for her

J: Well the police found a writing machine that you used to forge

H: Im shocked detective, I haven’t done anything of that

J: Ok Doctor you may go, I think I have everything I need


Diary Entry

14th of April, 2015

Dear diary,

I don’t know why I’m writing a diary given that I’m a vampire but I have to adapt to this century so here it goes.

Three nights ago (Ergo, the first night) I was looking for a prey which blood smelled particularly sweet given that I was hungry. After hours and hours of practicing people-watching I noticed a young girl walking alone through the neighborhood. “Hi little girl, do you want candy?” I asked her. Apparently she was very dumb because she agreed. So I took her to an alley where I cut her head off with my hands and used it as a cup to drink her blood. Particularly sweet, just as I had imagined.

The next night I did the same procedure but no results we’re given. So I called a cab and “a huge amount of luck was given to me”, I thought. The driver smelled delicious, sweet but with a touch of sour. I asked him to drive through an alley and there I ripped of his intestines and chewed it like gum. Then I took his heart and kept it for later.

The last night I went to another place where the results were amazing. One behind another. All perfect preys. A huge party was about to happen. I gathered a crowd of people in a store and locked them all. Then with an axe I got I started slaying one by one all of those fulls. Oh what a great meal.


Informal Letter

                                                                                                                                       Vicuña mackenna 700

Reñaca, Chile

23th of March,  2015

Dear Miles

Hi, how are you? I’m good, here in school everything is boring, but I’m doing pretty well.

They have teacher us how to write an informal and formal letter. Also I had to present about my favorite author (Gillian Flynn, you know). My mom won the lottery so now we have money to buy boats and that kind of stuff. So, how are things going in Nigeria? Has it been cool? Have you made any Nigerian friend? We should meet. When are you coming to Chile? Send me a letter back.

I hope hearing from you soon mate.

Your friend